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Yellow Diamond Series

Yellow Diamond Introduction

Natural yellow diamonds form due to the inclusion of "Nitrogen" during the formation process. Lab grown yellow diamonds are formed by injecting the same nitrogen elements in a laboratory setting.

FAQs About Lab Grown Fancy Colored Diamonds

A: Many customers misunderstand that lab grown fancy colored diamonds, being grown under controlled conditions, have perfect color control and standardization. This is not correct. Cultured diamonds grow naturally in a synthetic environment, so each diamond is unique. Finding a cultured diamond with pure color requires large amount of luck.

While most people pay attention to fluorescence when purchasing diamonds (colorless diamonds), considering it as a factor that may lower their value, but when it comes to colored diamonds, fluorescence can sometimes be a positive attribute. Colored diamonds with fluorescence are often valued more because the fluorescence enhances the color's saturation. Therefore, diamonds with fluorescence can even be more popular in some cases.

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