The Gemological Institute of America – GIA

The GIA is the largest American-based non-profit organization in the world, dedicated to diamond education, research, and assessment. The GIA introduced diamond certification to the industry in the 1950’s. Since then the GIA’s International Diamond Grading System™ has become the most highly regarded international standard for diamond grading. Among the handful of lab reports and services that the GIA offers are the two post commonly issued documents; the GIA Diamond Grading Report and the GIA Diamond Dossier.


GIA Diamond Grading Report®: Commonly referred to as a diamond certificate, the GIA’s official name for this lab assessment is a Diamond Grading Report. For those loose diamonds that weigh 1.00 carat and above, the GIA issues a full Diamond Grading Report. This report analyzes not only the stone’s carat weight, color, clarity and cut grades, but also marks the stone’s inclusions and blemishes using standardized symbols plotted on the diagram. Because no two stones are ever exactly alike, a plotting of the clarity characteristics of a stone serves as a fingerprint in case the stone is stolen, lost or resold.


GIA Diamond Dossier®: For those diamonds weighing under 1.00 carat, the GIA also issues a diamond dossier. The dossier certification includes a minuscule laser inscription of the report’s serial number along the girdle of the diamond. It evaluates all of the same key qualities as the diamond certificate without a plotted representation of the clarity characteristics of the diamond.