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Every diamond is an exquisite artwork embedded with endless love. With its origin of eternity and rarity, a good diamond is always hard to find, same as the apple in your eye. Diamond’s Gallery was founded to recast the aesthetic value encapsulated in diamonds and celebrate timeless moment of every special love story. We adhere to the strictest standards in searching for diamonds worldwide and bringing the finest jewelry to our customers.


With the exceptional craftsmanship, sophisticated experiences and pursuit of perfection, Diamond’s Gallery will guarantee the highest level of commitment to the most tailor-designed jewelry and heartwarming services.



Offering a stunning skyline of Kowloon and contemporary art pieces, our showroom makes a perfect setting of gallery for relaxing and having a sip of delightful wine. We believe only by providing a comfy and carefree environment can bring our customers the greatest amusement in selecting a diamond for the special one. This is what we strive to deliver.


Our achievement is not built on deals, but your genuine enjoyments derived from the appreciation of our uniquely designed work of art.

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Our collection is a combination of elements of nostalgia, modernity and class.


They are wearable arts to accentuate your uniqueness and elegance. You will be enchanted by the delicacy in each masterpiece we exhibited here.
Our products range from engagement ring, wedding bands to multi-styled accessories including earrings, bracelet and necklace. The quality of our diamonds over 30 points is all assured with GIA certificates.


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Diamonds Gallery 在世界各地搜羅奇珍異寶,為你度身訂造獨一無二的鑽飾。我們的鑽飾揉合現代、古典、懷舊的元素,可襯托每位顧客高貴大方的一面。我們的產品包括求婚鑽介,結婚對介,耳環,手鍊,頸鍊等。0.3卡以上之鑽石全部備有GIA認可証書。